Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Burger Avenue: The Ridiculous Burger, Crispy Bacon Burger, Milkshake and Onion Rings

We were out Sunday night at The Fort with our friend Julian, for the Midnight Market. Sadly, they weren't open on Sundays, so we decided to hit up The Fort Strip. It was there, and at the spur of the moment, where Gab and Julian decided to take the RIDICULOUS BURGER CHALLENGE.

Look at those patties.


Flame - Grilled.

Just when you though there were 4 Tomatoes, there were 8.

Piling it on.

The Burger is BIG.

Mimi's Crispy Bacon Burger

Vanilla Milkshake.

Onion Rings.

Cool Bottled Water!

Take a look at Julian and Gab's burger challenge HERE


He Says: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED AND BEAT. Hahahaha. Besides the fact that the Burger was huge, it was really good. Though I didn't notice the taste that much ('cause I was rushing to beat the 5 minute time limit. Haha.), the burger was juicy and tasty. The weird thing was, I was still hungry after the challenge. Haha. Moving on to the Vanilla Milkshake, it was mediocre. I've had better, but it's still good. I wish it was in a cooler container, though. The Onion Rings were BIG. They tasted better with condiments. The Crispy Bacon Burger was pretty good too. It combines two of my favorite foods: Bacon and a Burger Patty.

Rating: Ridiculous Burger = 10/10; Milkshake = 8/10; Onion Rings = 9/10; Crispy Bacon Burger = 9/10

She Says: The milkshake was too watery. It was served to us in a plastic cup, they should have placed it in a cylindrical shaped glass instead. It would have been cool-er and better for our environment. The Onion Rings were delish! They were also pretty big! The crispy bacon burger was yummy as well, kind of bitin for my appetite but it was tasty.

Rating: Milkshake = 6/10; Onion Rings = 9/10; Crispy Bacon Burger = 9/10

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