Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another DIY Special: Fried Chicken and Tuna and Mushroom Carbonara.

It's another DIY Dinner with us. This time it's Pasta Night. Gab bought some chicken from Andok's and Mimi cooked up the Tuna and Mushroom Carbonara. And of course, we're showcasing it for you to see.

Tuna and Mushroom Carbonara

Fried Mozzarella Chunks

Fried Chicken


He Says: Again, when Love cooks, she really cooks. The Tuna and Mushroom Carbonara has been our first DIY Dish. We've done it before and we did it again. It's creamy and very good. Very filling. The Fried Chicken from Andok's is cheap, cripsy and good. It's a good place to stop by and grab some Chicken.

Rating: Carbonara = 10/10; Andok's Chicken = 10/10

She Says: He did it again! haha. The Andok's fried chicken was good!

Rating:  Carbonara = 1000000/10; Andoks Chicken = 10/10

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  1. Ohhh, carbonara looks good. I'm hungry at 1:50 AM. Rrrr.


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