Saturday, June 18, 2011

California Pizza Kitchen: Carbonara and Hawaiian BBQ Pizza

Pizza, anyone? Where's a good place to chill, good food and delicious pizza and pasta? You'd think this place, that place, but we're pretty sure you're not thinking about California Pizza Kitchen. CPK is really good restaurant with a good vibe and good food. Up for review, Hawaiian BBQ Pizza and Carbonara.

Um. Gangsta Harry Potter? Haha.

Quick view of the place
see the TV's in the back?



Hawaiian BBQ Pizza.

A little ouch on the wallet.


He Says: I want my resto to look like this place. The vibe is just so chill, plus it has a great view. Moving on to the food. The Carbonara is very creamy and good. Thick enough and flavorful. Downside is that it's a little small. Love and I bought a sharing size place, but it wasn't enough. The Pizza is something. Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce with good Chicken. Definitely coming back for it. I wanna try their Salad too. I heard it's good.

Rating: Pizza = 10/10; Carbonara = 9/10

She Says: I've been a fan of this place since I was young and it's still one of my favorite places to eat! Their pizza, tasty! you can really taste the fresh ingredients and serving time is really quick. I also found their serving size just right :) I don't think Gab remembers how FULL we were when we ate there. haha. The place is very chill. The staff are very attentive to our needs. We just turn our heads and they come right up. :)) We will definitely come back :) 

Rating: Pizza = 10/10; Carbonara = 10/10

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  1. love their kung pao spag, thai crunch salad and orig bbq chicken pizza/ pasta!


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