Saturday, January 8, 2011

IBC Rootbeer in Rustan's (Paseo de Magallanes)

The grocery is one of the places you'd find lots of food items. Love and I dropped by Rustan's at Paseo de Magallanes and came across Root Beer packed in glass bottles. It appeared to be just Beer at first, but when we got a closer look, it was Root Beer. The fact that it looked like a beer bottle made us want to buy it just to keep the bottle.

They look like Beer bottles.

Three different flavors: Creme Soda, Root Beer and Diet Root Beer.

No Ladies and Gents, I'm not an alcoholic. Haha.

Price: 47PHP


He Says: To my surprise, it tasted very much like A&W Root Beer. It's really good and the plus side is that it comes in a cool bottles. Kinda makes you feel badass when you drink. Though a bit pricey, the taste is worth it. If you like Root Beer, you'll definitely like this one.

Rating: 9/10

She Says: He's right that there wasn't much originality in how the root beer tasted, usually you'd be able to differentiate one from another but this one tasted like A&W root beer. I like how the drink tasted like A&W Root Beer but I loved the fact that they were served in those awesome bottles! They're twist caps so you can cover it again when you haven't finished your drink. I think the reason it's priced at 47PHP is because of the packaging. The bottles are so cool i'd want to collect them even if they all looked the same. haha.

Rating: 9/10

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