Friday, July 5, 2013

Cheeseburger stuffed crust at Pizza Hut!

Hi guys! We're trying out something new and that's blogging through mobile and we hope it works out :)

Mimi really wanted to try it when it first came out but we never got a chance to because we were always so busy. Then we finally found the time and we got to try it!

It was a big disappointment for both of us cause we are both fans of their line of stuffed crust and this one was just not up to par with the rest. The crust at the bottom of the burger patty was really soggy. It felt as if we were eating a soggy sandwich. We thought the patty needed more seasoning because it tasted bland.

Over all, we are not ordering this again unless you guys say that the pizza you had was not soggy and bland. Only then would we consider giving it another try.


  1. everything from Pizza Hut is soggy and bland LOL


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