Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kowloon House: Chicken Rice, Siomai Wonton, Sharksfin and Pandan Gulaman.

We're always on the lookout for some good Dimsum, and luckily, Gab lives near one of our favorite Dimsum places. Kowloon House has been a staple for us when it comes to Dimsum. The Siomai and Siopao are great, but they also have other items on the menu.

 Up for review, Chicken Rice, Siomai Wanton, Sharksfin & Pork Siomai and Pandan Gulaman.


Chicken Rice.




Siomai Wanton.


Pandan Gulaman.


He Says: One of my favorite places to eat. All I can say. Hehe. Moving on, the Chicken Rice is something I'm loving right now. It has that sweet and savory flavor to it, making it one of my new favorites. The Siomai Wonton is something perfect for the rainy days. There's not much noodles it in, but the flavor of the soup at the Siomai that goes come with is perfect! The Sharksfin (not made from real Shark's Fin) is the by far, the best I've had. With or without Soy Sauce, it's real good. 

Rating: Chicken Rice = 10/10; Siomai Wonton = 9.5/10; Sharksfin Siomai = 10/10

She Says: I've always loved kowloon house and it's good to know there's one near Gab's condo! The chicken rice was a little sweet but it was still good. I think the sauce is what makes us order it time and time again. The only reason I like this more is because of the wonton they use. Their sharksfin has been my go-to dumpling when i'm craving. haha. Plus, the Pandan gulaman was quite refreshing. 

Rating: Chicken Rice = 9/10; Siomai Wonton = 9/10; Sharksfin Siomai = 10/10; Pandan    Gulaman = 8/10


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