Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tori Box

This post is way overdue because this was taken during the soft opening of Tori Box. 

Mimi was around Taft and she had a lunch date with Cola. Cola was a big fan of this place so she decided to take Mimi there for lunch. Tori Box is known for their Chicken Karaage Pops which are available with different seasonings. Karaage is a Japanese cooking technique where small pieces of meat are marinated in a mix of soy sauce, garlic and/or ginger, then coated with seasoned wheat flour or potato starch mix, and then fried in oil. Now don't we all occasionally love eating fried food? What makes it even better is the fact that It is conveniently located at the 2nd Floor of One Archer's Place. 

Tori Box Facade

Meet our friend, Cola.
Tori Box Facade

This was the menu they handed us while we were in line.
Tori Box Menu

This was the colorful version of their menu on a blackboard.
Tori Box Menu

Here are the different seasonings that you could get with your Chicken Karaage Pops
Tori Box Flavors

A panoramic shot of the inside. The photo shows a lot more space than there actually is.
Tori Box Interior

Red iced tea
Iced Tea

Chicken Karaage Pops (Italian cheese flavor) with rice and gravy
Kara-age with Rice

Kara-age with Rice

And just Chicken Karaage Pops (Italian cheese flavor as well)
Cola and Kara-age pop

View from the inside
Kara-age Pop

I am not surprised to why this place was jam packed. The food was good and reasonably priced. Also, their staff were fast workers. We didn't have to wait too long in line or wait too long for our food. Two thumbs up!

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