Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Schlurp Milk Tea

Milk Tea is more commonly sold in Plastic Cups with a heated Plastic Seal and a big straw, but Mimi discovered a new kind of Milk Tea available in the Market. Schlurp packages and sells their Milk Tea into PET Bottles. Its more Sturdy and easy to drink from, plus they're portable so it's easy to bring around.




He Says: These were actually really good. One of the best Milk Tea I've had in a while. Sure there are other big brands out there, but Schlurp is really surprising. Its Milky, Creamy and fills you up the same way other Milk Tea brands do. Definitely must search for these.

Rating: 10/10

She Says: Milk tea with jellies conveniently package so you can bring it around if you cannot finish it in one sitting! :D What I like about this drink is the fact that you can really taste the tea. It's a simple and refreshing drink. 

I learned that the makers of Schlurp actually brew tea leaves and blend it with low fat milk. They don't use concentrate because it's unhealthy and they don't use tea bags because it's not as flavorful.

Rating 10/10

Schlurp is available in the following stores:


  1. Nice idea to use PET bottles. I guess they have to make sure they dispose it properly. :)

  2. Thanks for this! I will try this when I go to school one of these days. :)


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