Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tokyo Tokyo: Maki Platter & Red Iced Tea

Japanese Food is one of our favorite types of food to eat. Be it the rice meals or the regular Sushi, we love to chow down our favorite Japanese dishes. Whilst in SM Pampanga, we were feeling a little hungry and in the mood for some Sushi, so we hit up Tokyo Tokyo. It's been around for a while, but Tokyo Tokyo is still one of the best places to go for some Japanese Food. We haven't eaten at the place for a while, so we decided to go grab some lunch there.

Up for review, Maki Platter and Red Iced Tea.


24 Pieces of Maki. Served either in California Maki, American Maki and Tempura Maki.


Red Iced Tea.



He Says: It's Sushi/Maki Overload! I must say, it's very filling and it's pretty much worth the price you pay for. The California Maki is still good, but I believe they put too much Mango in it. They used to put more fish in there, but it still pretty good. The American Maki is a new favorite. I like how it's Cheezy and Meaty for a bit-sized meal. Not bad. The Tempura Maki is really really good. Crunch of the Tempura Slice and the moist and salty bit of the seaweed and rice. New favorite too. The Red Iced Tea has never gone outta style. It's still pretty solid and really good to drink. Helps wash out the fishy taste in your mouth. 

Rating: Maki Platter = 9/10; Red Iced Tea = 9/10

She Says: You get what you pay for. It's enough to satisfy your sushi craving but if your looking for really good sushi that doesn't fall apart after one bite then this isn't for you. The American Maki looks really cute and inedible with all the colors but it's actually pretty good. Not my favorite but if you give it a chance you might just like it :) The California Maki tasted like Mango and Rice. The tempura maki looks pretty weird but it actually tastes better than it looks! Their Red Iced Tea  is something I come back to every so often.  When I feel really REALLY thirsty and I see a Tokyo Tokyo around, I head straight to the counter and order a SUMO sized red iced tea :)

Rating: Maki Platter = 9/10; Red Iced Tea = 9/10


  1. Tokyo Tokyo is one of these mainstream restos I haven't tried yet.haha. :)

    1. You should try it! it's okay naman. But i've been hearing that they have good burgers. :)


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