Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Five Cows: Steak Pizzaiola, Creamy Beef & Mushroom,Ultimate Milkshake and Flaming Alaska

TriNoMa is packed full of shops, stores and foods places. You have brands such as McDonalds, KFC, YakiMix, Pizza Hut and TGI Fridays. One place that we've been dying to go to is Five Cows. Five Cows is restaurant famous for good desserts and good meals. 
For review, Steak Pizzaiola, Creamy Beef & Mushroom, The Ultimate Milkshake and The Flaming Alaska. 

What She Ordered.

Our drinks.

Purple Couches!

What He ordered.

Steak Pizzaiola.

Cream Beef & Mushroom.

Mike Mark.

What Mike Mark ordered.


Phil Lim, yo. 



He Says: I'll do this one by one. Haha. The Steak Pizzaiola. It's nothing like I've ever tasted. The Steak goes really well with the tomato sauce they put in, plus the meal is cooked to perfection. Juicy and tasty. The Creamy Beef & Mushroom was good too. The cream was thick and flavorful, and I liked the bread with it. The Ultimate Milkshake, it is to say, ULTIMATE. It is officially one of my favorite Milkshakes! It is thick and sweet, just to my liking. Lastly, THE FLAMING ALASKA. I really like how they dim the lights and burn the Ice Cream Cake. I've never seen a restaurant do that. The it's WICKED. It doesn't taste burnt and the Ice Cream doesn't melt fast. Really good and a must order anytime you go there to eat.

Rating: Steak Pizzaiola = 10/10; Creamy Beef & Mushroom = 10/10; Ultimate Milkshake = 10/10; Flaming Alaska = 10/10

She Says: The steak was bursting with flavor from the sauce. It was good, a little too much tomatoes though. The creamy beef and mushroom is my favorite! They were very generous with beef strips and mushrooms and the sauce was nice and thick. yummy! Their milkshake is my ultimate favorite! how redundant was that? haha. It's one of my favorites and i'll definitely come back for more :) Their flaming alaska is an eye catcher, you'll find out what that staff do to make it a little more enjoyable if you order it :) it's really good. The hint of alcohol makes it taste even better. I suggest that you order it if there are at LEAST 3 people who will dine with you.

Rating: Steak Pizzaiola = 8.5/10; Creamy Beef & Mushroom = 10/10; Ultimate Milkshake = 10/10; Flaming Alaska = 10/10


  1. I want to try there Ultimate Milkshakes and The Flaming Alaska.By this week i should visit the Five Cows at Trinoma.I will invite friends for this food hopping :)

  2. sinearch ko phil lim sa google images at nakita ko to :))

    1. ngayon ko lang to nakita. hahaha. YAY Phil Lim! :))


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