Friday, August 12, 2011

Cerealicious: Crunchformers and Charlie & The Chocnut Factory

Breakfast Cereal is probably one of the most flexible foods out in the market. Some people have it for Breakfast, some people eat it as a snack and even some use it as a substitute meal. Cerealicious has re-invented the way people would eat cereal. It is one of the main ingredients they use to make their sweet concoctions. The different variety of cereal, sweets and fruit mixes are name after movie titles to match the ingredients to the cereal mix.
 Up for review: Crunchformers and Charlie & The Chocnut Factory.

Charlie & The Chocnut Factory.


You can add ice cream or make the milk Low-Fat.


He Says: I've been a fan of Cerealicious since it hit Taft. Most especially for their Pirates of the Cadburyean. But today I sampled their Charlie & The Chocnut Factory and their Crunchformers. The Charlie & The Chocnut Family turned out pretty good. A good mix of Bananas and Chocnut really brought out the flavor of the Milo Balls Cereal. The Crunchformers had Capt-N-Crunch and Crunch Chocolate. Really really good. New favorites from the Cerealicious Menu. Definite must.

Rating: Crunchformers = 9/10; Charlies & The Chocnut Factory = 10/10

She Says: I love having cereal at any time of the day! I'm so glad that they have Cerealicious available at the University Mall! I really wanted Capt-N-Crunch and the only one they had with that cereal was the Crunchformers. Nothing too special, it was broken pieces of a crunch bar, Capt-N-Crunch and Snow Milk. It was, okay? I guess. The only time i'd order it again is if i'm craving Crunch or Capt-N-Crunch. The Charlie and the Chocnut Factory was good. The bananas went so well with it. 

you guys HAVE TO TRY ANY of them cause the SNOW MILK is REALLY GOOD!

Rating: Crunchformers = 7/10; Charlies & The Chocnut Factory = 8/10


  1. wow! gotta try this! I love cereals. I buy boxes in the grocery & i just munch on 'em like chips.. haha never w/ milk!

  2. I'm surprised they have it diyan sa Pinas. We have similar stores here in the US, but the biggest hit was CEREALITY. Nakakatuwa naman. Naaliw ako sa blog nyo kasi di ko akalain na ang dami na palang foreign food establishments diyan sa Pinas.


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