Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seattle's Best: Caramel Javakula and Java Chip

Seattle's Best has been our favorite place for good coffee and good ambiance. During one of our MOA Dates, we decided to hit up Seattle's and try out a few drinks. Up for review, Caramel Javakula and Java Chip.

Caramel Javakula

Java Chip


He Says: A new favorite, Caramel Javakula has the perfect blend of the milk and caramel. It's my type of coffee-based drink. Not too strong, not too sweet. The Java Chip felt a little bitter, but it was sweet enough to keep me drinking more. Kudos to Seattle's! 

Rating: Caramel Javakula = 10/10; Java Chip = 8/10

She Says: For someone who's not a fan of sweets I can say that the Caramel Javakula was too sweet for me. I loved how the Java Chip tasted like! It has this hint of bitterness that balances out the sweetness of the drink :)

Rating: Caramel Javakula = 8/10; Java Chip = 9/10

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