Thursday, January 6, 2011

Eskimo Bob's.: More than just Ice Cream?

When Love and I hit Mall of Asia, there are times we decide to hit San Miguel By The Bay during the evening. It's windy, cool, and the long stretch allows couple walk on by and talk about things. Another thing By The Bay has is the incredible amount of food joints and bars. One place Love and I stopped by was Eskimo Bob's.

Eskimo Bob's is the alternate of the widely-known Icebergs. There they serve yummy desserts as well as some sumptuous main courses. Love sampled Chicken and Cheese Pasta, and I tried their Chicken Cordon Bleu. Drinks came in dessert form as I drank their Rootbeer Float and Love had the Strawberry Shake. 

Love and her food.

My Float and her Shake.

Couple pic of course.

My Cordon Bleu.


He Says: The Cordon Bleu was in fact, quite good. The cheesiness was enough to capture my taste buds. The chicken was cooked right and went well with the ham. The baked potato felt a little dry, though. The cheese was not enough to help me negate the dryness of the potato. Moving on to their float, the Root Beer felt a little watery as there was A LOT of Ice in it. The Ice Cream was barely there and it only gave you the illusion that there was a lot of Ice Cream in it. It wasn't thick enough to drink and it just felt like a soda. Another downside is price. The float costs quite a bit for such a mediocre taste. The Cordon Bleu felt a bit over-priced. It's not real easy on the wallet. The ambiance of the place was comfortable, though. It felt cool and cozy and very relaxing.

Rating: 8/10

She Says: My Chicken and Cheese pasta was okay. not something i'd go back for. Maybe they should just stick to their ice cream. The place was really cool though! their seats were all lit and the music was very relaxing.

Rating: 7/10

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